Allow me to just go right ahead and admit to the fact that im not the biggest makeup fan and by that I mean I happily and infact would much prefer to go out with no make up then to put makeup on. There! I said it.

This could Perhaps be because I don’t think im very good at it… I know my strengths and i bet on those;) make up, just is not one of them and i therefore find it a bloody chore. I do confess to loving the look of make up when its on and done well… well who doesnt..but doing it is just a process that I dread and if I felt makeup did not help my look as a whole I would do an Alicia keys and permently go makeup free forever – which I tell you now would bring about a lot more style shoots from me 🙂

Yes yes I know fashion, make up and hair all go hand in hand and together brings about a great complete look.
I am pleased to say I love doing 2/3.. and perhaps when I master the art of makeup I will love that process too.

But God bless my heart as I do try, in fact I give it a bloody good go when I do.. and im still learning, the tricks of the trade and trying to understand/remember why certain products are used and where they are supposed to go.. this process is however slow.. yet i continue to do the best i can… for now.. ☺


I have 2 variations of makeup, full face and school run.. no in-betweens..but I change my lip colour in hope that it gives my makeup completely different look, haha, but no! its pretty much the same.. so why the hec do i never seem to apply it in the same (right) order ever! and most times forget to apply certain things? It’s a mystery to me honestly.. Its all good though and i try to not stress about it too much when its done… I’ve come to accept Some days are better then others..


All that being said, it is AMAZING to me that anyone would request to know my routine.. but they have, many a people and so this is it… me! winging it… quite well actually if i do say so myself haha Enjoy….

Here are the steps and products used for the make up in the video

1. FACEPRIMER – Mac Prep + Prime
2. EYEBROWS – Mac ‘Stud’ pencil
3. HIGHLIGHT OF BROWS – Mac Pro Longwear Concealer ‘NC45’
4. FOUNDATION – Nas Firming Foundation and Mac Studio Fix ‘NC55’ using the Oval golf foundation Brush from ibeautybar (part of Set)
5. HIGHLIGHTING – Mac Pro Longwear Concealer ‘NC45’and ‘NC42’
6. BAKING – Ben Nye ‘Banana’ Luxury powder (a tad too light tbh)
7. CONTOUR – Sleek Face Contour Kit ‘Dark’
8. EYE SHADOW – Mac ‘saddle’ Part of the Eye Shadow x 15 / Warm Neutral set
9. EYE LINER – Bodyshop ‘Dark Black’ Liner
10. BLUSHER – Mac ‘Ambering rose’ and Nas ‘Taj Mahal’
11. SHIMMER GLOW HIGHLIGHTER – Sleek Face Contour Kit ‘Dark’
12. EYELASHES – ibeautybar
13. BLUE EYE LINER – Mac ‘Petrol Blue’
14. LIPSTICK – Tom Ford Lip Colour Matte ‘Rouge A LÉVRES MAT
15. HAIR – Khairmax

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed this makeup post.. feel free to offer constructive tips below in the comment sections… or perhaps you can relate to the struggle… as it really is real.. i would love to hear from you..

Also if there are any videos you would like to see me film, comment below 😉

Till Next Time XO

March 27, 2017


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    March 22, 2017

    Nice, love the purple lipstick it really looks good on you.

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    March 22, 2017

    I thought it was just me, I hate the entire process of having to put makeup on. My absolute pet hate in the whole process is filling in my brows. What a lot of hoohaa about nothing.
    I in fact don’t wear makeup at all for work. My colleagues have come to accept there’s work Barbara and blog Barbara ??
    In all honesty you do a great job at yours. Plus your outfits are generally centre stage am sure if it is wasn’t done properly which is never the case, no one would ever notice. Ps red lipstick on you is just perfection. Xx

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    March 23, 2017

    I can’t even do my makeup to save my life is that bad especially trying to even out the wings of my eyeliner is like playing a twisted game of Jenga with Satan. SMH
    You did a wonderful job! I love love the red lippy on you and that hair is drop dead-gorgeous. Xo

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    Bubu Blaq

    March 23, 2017

    Pro like a makeup artist….. I love the purple on you.