Its Sade 4 u - Welcome to my World

Hello my Name is Sade Akinosho and I am a style addict! Help

Yes Style really is my thing, I am a creative not only in fashion but other mediums too, (its who I am to the core) but clothes styling is my passion and what excites me.

When i was 12/13 I was obsessed with sewing and creating. Until I got my own sweing maching at the age of 15, I would spend all my break time at school in my textiles classroom making things for myself (I had a great relationship with my teacher, she loved me. I was her star student) designs filled my bedroom walls. Designing and making clothes was all I remember doing or interested in doing at that time.
So when I was offered a place at the London College of fashion you would think that I would jump at the opportunity right? NO! I didn’t.
Why? It was better to not specialise too early on and instead go on and do Alevels... LIES!! that I told everyone for many years when they questioned my decision - knowing how much i loved fashion.

The truth however was that I was scared! I didn’t think I was good enough! I doubted myself and my ability to compete and make anything of myself in the fashion industry and so i chickened out.... fast forward many moons on to mid 2016 when i decided to put myself and my style out there for the masses. I decided to F it and finally begin taking my (3 year old) instagram account a bit more seriously by consistantly having clear pictures taken of my ootd's and sharing it with the world. and so here we are, February 2017 im now taking it a step further and starting this blog.

So here it is, a destination to get to know me, not just my style.

Through my articles I will not only post OOTD but offer advise with regards to styling, hair (which is a big part of my life) travel, dating and share life lessons in the form of quotes and write up (daily journal) in the hope to inspire .

I hope you enjoy the blog and I encourage you to write back in the comments section. Feel free to offer any advice or suggestions you have for me or other readers so we can all inspire and be inspired.

Kisses Xx