Im so late with posting this blog post, it has been sat in ‘draft state’ for some weeks.. tut tut..

In trying to stay consistent with posting and aim to start putting out 2 posts per week, i filmed and edited the motion video for this look pretty much straight after Asos delivered it… very chuffed with myself as i was all ready to put out a post days earlier then planned.

Then comes the cleaning of my laptop, and i accidentally deleted the video and all edited images i had spent days working on {*screams and crys} it completely throw me off and so i put this look aside, i really couldn’t face editing again so soon..

Not as good as the first, but i do hope you like the video 🙂

Anyway all that said I now have to offer my sincere apologies for putting this look out so late after buying the jumpsuit as it is almost sold out 🙁

Nothing pleases me more then to recommend my purchases and interested parties are able to go out and get it too :). But you can trust i have added an alternative below, if you do not get your size in this one.

Stripes as you should know by now are HUGE this season, not just popular which I believe stripes has always been but HUGE like the Never there strappy sandals that were infact EVERYWHERE




This jumpsuit Has everything stripes should for this season, all over stripes, different directional stripes (with the help of the knot detail at the front) and not just ya standard horizontal and vertical lines, and most important, easy to wear with very little effort (as jumpsuits usually are – and yes I’m biased to jumpsuits) leaving you only to match or clash some colours with the shoes, bag and/or jacket…

Of course I choose to colour clash, twice! I mean what else would you expect from me:) a pop of yellow courts and a 80’s Style Red Suede Fringe Festival Jacket for added fun.







Stripes can and should be fun not so formal so have fun with it too, infact you are permitted to go a little crazy by pairing stripes with more stripes, going zig zag, diagonal, horizontal and vertical all at once, and clashing different colour palettes of stripes. Team it with floral, African prints and summer pattern for depth. Its all on you and how far you want to take it. No rules.. is there ever? But if however you fear you might get a little stripe dizzy, just add striped accessories and work up from there 😉

I think I will be further investing in some long Striped wide leg trousers and bell skirt and thick stripe shirt (if i can find it), to pair with more stripes in different accents.. for drama, cause ya’ll know i like drama.. so watch this space…

Till next time my lovelies, Thank you for stopping by.



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March 22, 2017


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    lanatria ellis

    March 27, 2017

    You are such a friggin babe! Okay?!!! I’m sceaming at my desk right now instead of doing work.Well I’m never doing work.I’m glad that haven’t given me the boot yet!! I am a certified jacket fiend that jacket has me in full addict mode! *checks bank balance.

  2. Reply

    Gucci E

    March 27, 2017

    I absolutely love this look on you! I had bought this jumpsuit, but forgot about it, till you jogged my memory! You totally killed it babe!

  3. Reply


    March 27, 2017

    I can tell you really have FUN WITH FASHION!!!

  4. Reply

    Bubu Blaq

    March 29, 2017

    Serving life on a platter of clothes and fashion. Xoxo…

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    March 30, 2017

    I love this look….Strikes never looked better