There’s just something else about brightly coloured, stylized shapes proudly displayed on a sturdy 100% cotton fabric.


It’s beautiful, it’s colourful, it’s Ankara.

Unfortunately, Ankara print is greatly unrepresented and underrated in fashion industry. Fair enough – it may not be for the fashion timid… But that’s exactly what we love about it!

Ankara for us embodies standing out, being proud of yourself and your style. Shining bright and owning it! From striking floral and geometrical patterns to a vibrant spectrum of colours – all captured within a single meter of the fabric.

Interestingly enough, the fabric originated in Indonesia, however, it quicker gained popularity in Africa. Particularly so in West African cultures, becoming the region’s fashion trademark ever since. No surprise there, as the vibrant hues immersed with nature inspired motifs, perfectly mimic the beauty of Africa itself.  

This is another reason The Kemist releases an Ankara collection every year. As a 100% black owned brand, African aesthetics represent a large source of inspiration and an ever-present force behind the creative process. Therefore, when it comes to paying homage to its beauty, we choose Ankara as a true gift that keeps on giving by enriching the style of the garment that much more.

This summer’s ANKARA 2020 Collection was designed and created as a true testament to that. By using simple and modern silhouettes, we were able to showcase best the opulence of Ankara print whilst still keeping the modern edge. The collection is about integrating traditional charm into contemporary pieces and showing how each Ankara print piece can have a place in your wardrobe.

Whether you need a smart suit, a playful shorts set or a gown, opting for a style in Ankara print can bring something different to the table and set you apart.

With its structure established, you can play with colours and patterns more and truly experiment with and explore your own signature style. Take wide leg pants for example. A wonderful and versatile style staple – when adorned with lively print makes for a great wardrobe asset, something you can easily wear to work or even as a stylish and memorable job interview outfit (which is proven to boost chances of snagging that job)!

The key is to think bold, think different and dress outside the box!




Krisztina xx