Creation is a beautiful and fulfilling process that can sometimes seem beyond daunting. Starting from the phase of visualising the looks, through filtering ones that will make the collection, to choosing the materials and receiving the finished product. At the end you feel like there is complete journey behind you – a journey that teaches you about your own creativity and makes you reevaluate your passion and love for what you do.


 Photo 16-10-2018, 07 32 36


After deciding on the release date (and getting over the initial panic of “will we make it!?”) it was time to put it on paper. After quite a few comments like ‘make the slit higher’ here and ‘it needs a longer hemline’ there, before us stood five amazing sketches that just about danced off of the paper into the ballroom.


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However, before we were able to let them make their way into your hearts and wardrobes it was, naturally, crucial to choose colours for them. After several tours de la fabric shops, the vibrant final five was selected. This was a particularly important step when it came to choosing the name of each item from the collection. Not only did the colour play the part in naming the dresses, we found the cut to be a perfect match with the character of each princess the dress was named after.


Photo 16-10-2018, 08 18 04 


Ariel represents a woman that is adventurous and free spirited, with a flare for dramatic effect evident through the way fabric flows with every move – like it is under water. Belle represents sweet nature and classic beauty that radiates understated elegance with each twirl of the skirt. Anastasia fits the image of a strong, independent woman unafraid to chase her dreams, with obvious yet unintentional charm. Tiana represents the modest, classic style that radiates elegance and humbleness depicted by its clean lines and delicately accentuated silhouette. Jasmine embodies the look of a fun loving, bold young woman that can rock a short dress with plenty of confidence.


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Once we had the idea who our “belles” were, it was time to bring them to life. As always, we have turned to our trusted, locally based team of garment constructors. The Kemist as a business makes a true point to create as many of the items as possible in the UK – and ensure the quality of items that way. The main benefit of working with a local studio is the possibility to make alterations and make sure the finished product is made to the highest of standards. Acquiring a close professional relationship with the garment constructors allows us to keep a close tab on the entire production process, which in turn results in flawlessly executed pieces.


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It is rare you will encounter a collection created with such an amount care and attention… and love. The way it was made is special, and with you as our very special “Belle Of The Ball” in mind.


I’d also like to know what makes you feel special? When do you feel like the belle of the ball? Feel free to share in the comment section.