When thinking of tailored pieces, the first association many have is the men’s suit that would not look out of place in an attorney’s office or “Wolf Of Wall Street’.

In another words – tailored is usually synonymous with work wear for men.

Well, we believe it’s time to think again.



Considering the sea of black, blue and beige, it would be no wonder if we all thought tailors do not accept to work with materials of any other colour. Opting for a brighter hue is a great way to break the mold and showcase your uniqueness. The bonus with choosing a structured yet bold piece is that it is a fun item you can wear out and about and still an office appropriate – and it will be the easiest thing to quickly restyle for an after work drinks outfit.


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A tailored two-piece does not necessarily mean a jacket with skirt/trousers. Crop tops, in example, amazingly compliment structured, high waisted fitted trousers. Balancing the cut or the structure of certain things is a true marking of style as it equates to a perfect outfit harmony when done right. Achieving such balance is no easy feat, therefore it might be wise to opt out for a set that already represents a winning combination for a night out on the town or catching up with your girl squad.


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Structured set + geometrical print = perfect outfit! Well certainly it does for ones who like the clean, classy look yet want to opt for something a bit different. Having a more minimalist aesthetics does not have to mean you should stay away from prints – a right print just might be what you need to make your tailored pieces pop. Geometrical print is also quite on the subtle side, therefore these sets would not look out of office while still being chic enough to be considered evening wear.


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A good suit is good but jumpsuits are just more fun. With their recent comeback over the past half a decade or so, jumpsuits have sashayed back into our wardrobes before we knew what was going on. The one element that was apparently always missing from these amazing wardrobe staples is structure. If you ever wondered what would it be like to combine blazer and trousers into a single piece and for it to look good, you might be surprised to find it is actually a complete boss-lady-meets-Charlie’s-Angel look that just radiates confidence. Not to mention it would be an absolute hit with many occasions, from work related events to your niece’s birthday party.


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What twist would you bring to the tailored outfit?


As always our comment section is waiting for you!




Krisztina X