They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince charming. It’s kind of the same with finding that perfect holiday outfit, isn’t it?


First of all, you’ve got to think glam – because what is the point in attending the holiday festivities if not to express your inner diva to the utmost maximum level? It is a universal truth you feel the way you look, and looking elegant, classy and stylish is the right way to about these things.

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Another continuously forgotten element is comfort. We’ve all heard beauty equals pain and all that jazz but if you’re not able to move, dance and laugh as much as you want, then that option is definitely a toss. The key is opting for a fit that hugs your body in all the right places but it does not constrict it. You were born to be a free spirit and no clothing item in the world should compromise that.

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As a finishing touch you have to add a little twist. A little something that shows how unique, bold and fun you are through the clothes you’re wearing. Think dramatic styles, odd cuts or bright and bold colours. Creating that ‘kick’ with your outfit will not only make you stand out, it will bring you the best vibes as it is a bright symbol of confidence within your style and yourself.

Photo 16-10-2018, 07 32 49 

Cover these three requirements and call your carriage to come take you to the ball – tis’ the season for this modern day princess to shine.