There’s no way around it. All of us are facing a massive change that is bound to shift the dynamics of everyday life – and love life is no exception!  

Date nights are particularly susceptible to that change.  Although staying home is absolutely crucial at this time, the lockdown also means the designated date outings to the local bistro or cinema are sadly postponed until further notice.

However, before you start lamenting over the idea of  Netflix and takeaway being the only option for the foreseeable future, just remember that there’s always an alternative. All you need is a dash of creativity and a bit of planning time, which for once is actually not such an issue.

A picnic in the garden     

If you are blessed with a private garden, a picnic is a lovely alternative to your everyday indoor dining experience without actually going out. As weather is warming up, it would be a shame not to make the best use of the space you have. Whether it be a lunch date under the sun or a dinner under the stars, this simple and romantic date idea will provide you with a perfect “getaway” for a few hours.


Candle lit dinner on the balcony 

There’s just something utterly romantic about balconies, don’t you agree? Well if it was good enough for Romeo and Juliet it definitely has potential for you and your boo. Even if your balcony doesn’t exactly look like the one you’d see on the streets of Verona, a few touches such as candles, flowers and a pretty table setting should be enough to transform it into a perfect date spot. All it is left then is to cook a delicious meal, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy!

Camping in the living room 

Setting up a little campsite and navigating through limited uses of regular life’s luxuries when you do have access to them is surprisingly fun and deceptively romantic. Switch off the electricals and cuddle up under a DIY sheet tent to read romantic poetry or tell stories from your youth you never shared with your significant other.  You will be amazing what some old bedding and a flashlight can do for your relationship and much needed bonding time.


Indoor dance lesson 

Everyone is making a point of learning a new skill during isolation. We say – make it a task for two! Choose the roomiest room your home has to offer, find a YouTube tutorial and get your groove on. Don’t worry if you’re not great at it – that’s the best thing about doing this as just the two of you! And you never know, you just might develop a taste for  going out dancing as a date night alternative for future (a healthy and active but very romantic and passionate one too)!

Stay at home spa date     

Ah, nothing beats the relaxation benefits of a spa date … other than doing it DIY at home for a much lighter price tag! With amazing treatment options including a warm scented bubble bath for two, couples massages you can give each other and soothing face masks made of natural ingredients you have at home, this self-pampering date option has the potential to become a staple for many date days to come.

 Whatever you do, the most important thing for you is to stay safe and stay well. However, don’t forget about staying emotionally well too! The current situation may put a strain on your relationship but, now more than ever, it’s important to remember you’re a team and that you got each other. If you ever need a little reminder, a couple of hours of quality time spent together should work perfectly!

With love,

Krisztina Xx