Staying home is, without a doubt, the best, most responsible thing you can do right now. Still, it’s been a while now since the lockdown started and it is perfectly normal to start feeling a bit down and uninspired with the Groundhog Day situation going on. Still, we’re not letting you get away with it that easily! Here are five amazing ways you can uplift your spirits, increase your creativity and motivation – all from home.

1. Exercise

If you’re the one to always say you wish you had more time to dedicate to physical activity, here’s your chance! Exercise is a proven mood booster as it releases endorphins – in other words, it simply makes you happier. Add the health benefit into the mix and you’ve got yourself the perfect lockdown pass time. Even if you consider the idea of doing squats or sit-ups your own seventh circle of hell, there are endless tutorials online on dance-aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, etc…  All you have to do is move it!    


2. Learn a new skill 

There’s no confidence boost like conquering a skill and finally saying “I can do that NOW!” Always wanted to learn a second language? There are plenty of mobile apps design to help with that. Impressed by art? Get a sketch book and start drawing! Write, take pictures, blog, cook, sew, knit… the options are truly endless and the beauty of it you can take on learning as many different skills as you want at the time and say goodbye to boredom, forever!




3. Organise / tidy up your home

Take this time to go full Marie Kondo on the house/flat. De-clutter and de-stress. Getting rid of unnecessary possessions has a strangely calming effect on the mind, as if by clearing out your living space you clear the negative thoughts out of your head too. And if you set aside all the stuff you do not need anymore for donation (just not take it to donate yet unless there is a safe way to do so!) , the thought of helping out people in need is bound to bring plenty of joy to your heart.


4.  Improve on your professional skills

Okay, so the idea of doing anything work related while being off work might seem a bit far fetched as a mood booster. However, how cool it would be to go back to work and come up to your boss saying “I know how we can improve our company’s SEO” or “I’ve done some research on how to increase workforce efficiency”. As the world evolves ever so quickly, the more time you dedicate to learning and self improvement, the better chances of success you have. Plus, it makes you feel like a total boss babe – an absolute confidence booster before even without mentioning the possibility of  a promotion…




When life gives you lockdown, you might as well make the best of it! As long as you keep yourself busy you’ll be alright and all this shall pass in no time.

With Love,