With great style come great responsibilities… mainly in the form of neatly putting away all the pretty frocks and pumps you simply couldn’t live without when you spotted them scrolling online. The problem is neatness has a tendency to fade into fantasy with each newly acquired item.  Even just thinking about organising your wardrobe can sometimes seem like a more daunting task then becoming a rocket scientist. However, once you know exactly how to attack it, it is a simple mind clearing activity you actually may enjoy!

 1. Take Everything Out

We know this sounds scary but it just has to be done. Think of yourself now as an artist that needs an empty canvas. Make sure you have a space prepared to gather everything you take out and just go for it. Who knows what you may discover!?




2. Clean / Update Your Closet

Sometimes it’s truly a miracle what little TLC with a cloth and a hoover can do. Give your wardrobe a good, thorough clean, get into all those nooks and crannies and afterwards give it a solid airing out session. Consider even giving it a fresh lick of paint (if your space/time allows it of course). Perhaps add some lights that will make it easier to navigate in the future or add an extra shelf in for your handbags.

3. De-clutter

 Once you’ve emptied and gathered all wardrobe contents in one place, start the de-cluttering process by separating items that don’t belong in the wardrobe in the first place. Owning an old picture album and a box of memorabilia is priceless but they need a new home. Same goes for any impulse-buy home gym equipment and books that haven’t seen daylight since 1990s.  Essentially anything non-wearable should not end up in your wardrobe.   

4. Get Rid Of Old / Unwanted Items

This is definitely the hardest and most time-consuming part of the project. Us humans simply don’t like change and that reflects in the mountain of clothing you’re now left to sort out too. A good rule of thumb is starting with clothes you haven’t wore in over a year, clothes that are the wrong size, torn or damaged and simply have had better days (excluding of course your one favourite fifteen year old hoodie that cannot be replaced – we are not monsters!). You’ll be surprised how many items you’ll have just by this first round of sifting. Still, chances are you are still going to be left with a pile of clothes and accessories which is where you do need to be ruthless. If necessary set yourself a number of shirts, pants, shoes, bags, etc. you’re allowed to keep and work from there. The goal is to have an easily accessible wardrobe that will save you time in the mornings by the end of this project so it’s time to be cruel to be kind to yourself!




5. Coordinate And Put The Selected Items Back In

You can breathe – the hardest part is behind you. All it’s left to do now is put everything you actually want to keep back in your closet. But this time, instead of simply rummaging for an empty-ish hanger, you’re going to coordinate it so everything is neat and easy to find. Now, this requires a system that you should stick to from now on to keep the wardrobe functional. Separate your items into sections and keep them all in together within that section. As long as you’re at it coordinating it by colour wouldn’t hurt too but the main thing is you don’t have to keep squeezing your sundress past the winter coat, knocking 5 hangers off in the process.


It’s a well known fact organising and de-cluttering works wonders for your head and mood. The state of the world right now is bringing a lot of chaos into all of our lives. Hopefully even small projects such as this one can help in restoring that bit of calmness and sense of control. 

With hope you’re staying safe (and sane),

Krisztina Xx