So Finally it happened I bit the bullet and pursued (part of) my dreams..

The procrastination came to a full stop finally. And the confidence and belief took president.

Would you believe I registered the domain name in 2011!!! 6 years ago!

So that’s 6 years in the making, or rather 6 years in my head! But finally it went Live Monday May 15th 2017 0n my birthday!

What a ride it has been… the dedication, determination, stress and the work that has gone into making this possible has at times left me on the brink of exhaustion.. sometimes without even realising that i am constantly working (because of the sheer excitement and passion for it) and surviving on very little sleep. As I not only have The Kemist to tend to but so many other commitments, it has been hard yet very rewarding especially as there has already been orders! but not without few bloopers i have had since launching though (i.e.ordering sugar paper to wrap orders instead of Tissue paper haha) but it is an awesome journey I’m on and i look forward to the hard working ride.

I mean, what in life is easy? everything we want is at the end of hard work and I’m realistic enough to know that to make The Kemist good, it is going to need a LOT of hard work put in! There is just no substitute for that. And what keeps me motivated and pushing forward everyday is knowing that any and everything is possible, with Faith, Believe, dedication, consistency, hard work and Patience. Patience, because Rome was not built in a day, and nor was any successful venture, it takes time, patience and continual hard work.. its like hacking at a tree.. slowly slowly, more and more is chipped away until eventually you get to your goal, and the tree finally caves in to the hard work put in, and falls to the ground.

I am truly blessed not only for my talents but for knowing my gifts, coupled with the opportunities i have that makes realising my dreams easier then for some. Sure I’ve had some hard times in my life but I’m grateful for everything as it has given me so much strength, knowledge and wisdom that money just can’t buy. I have faith in Gods timing and i truly believe i am right on time!

So what is The Kemist all about? In a nutshell it’s a style lab for the grown and stylish.
Clothes sourced near and far, and clothes designed by me.. if you like my style and love the clothes I wear you’ll love the Kemist – it’s like my big fat wardrobe open for sale!

It is something i have always wanted to do, making available clothes that i go out of my way to buy for myself that you will not always find easily on the high street as well as making my own designs available. And with the start of this blog and always having to find alternatives for the clothes i wore, it became the final push for The Kemist to finally come into fruition.

From unique separates, casuals pieces, to suits, to wedding guest wear, you’ll find it all at the Kemist.

Its about adding unique pieces to your wardrobe and giving your style a little more edge.

Sourced clothes are hand picked by me, loved and worn by me.. if I don’t love it, it will not make The Kemist cut… simple!

I must and will warn you though and I guess also apologies that we will not carry many pieces for each look.. so please don’t kill me when things quickly go out of stock. We will continue to work on having larger inventory as we grow yet we aim to only ever stock limited quantities of each piece keeping restocking to an absolute minimum, in the hope to reduce the mass ‘everyone has it’ feeling – If you know a little bit about me already, You know i don’t like that..

All that said I Hope you find something great for yourself at The Kemist and also have a great shopping experience. I look very much look forward to serving you. For any questions regarding the Kemist feel free to email or comment below.

A massive THANK YOU to those that have already ordered. Im in awe and it means so much. I take nothing for granted and i really hope you enjoy your purchases and look forward to seeing images of you rocking them. Hashtag #TheKemist or @TheKemistLondon

But Thank you to everyone for your continual support on Insta and my blogs. I appreciate you and perhaps i can tempt you with a couple new things coming up at The Kemist as well as my current favourites 😉

Enjoy. Till Next time, Thanks for stopping by,

Ciao XO










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May 25, 2017


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    May 18, 2017

    Keep soaring high!

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    May 18, 2017

    Omg this made me smile so much. And yes please to all the items featured so far. You still is truly refreshing and slays hard so naturally makes sense to go down this route. I definitely have my eyes on a few bits perhaps you might see them soon on the gram.

    Job well done Hun really really proud.

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    Munodiwa Bore

    May 18, 2017

    Hello Sade,
    I placed an order, I was wondering when I can expect the order to arrive as the website does not specify,

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      May 18, 2017

      Hey Love, Thank you for your order 🙂 Im so sorry but you will need to place your order again, choosing PayPal as the payment method, I’m afraid the ‘Cash on delivery’ option is an error on the site. apologies for the inconvenience caused Xx

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    May 19, 2017

    Strong work darlin! Nothing like a dream realized. You will see abundant success …IJN! I do love your style.