MAY WE WIN . . . . .?!







Coming to you today with this pretty pink / blush assumable look that if truth be told, is not really my colour, as i’m not ya average girly girl, but at times i do try. Ok Ok let me cut the crap and be perfectly honest. This look has zero to do with this blog post, i just thought to throw it in for good measure as its Todays OOTD as i figured you might like it 🙂
(Sorry no links for this one BUT i doubt you’d even care to notice once you’ve read this post.. so without further a do..

May we win?!

Is that a question or a statement? Both! And the answer is Yes yes and YES.

May is a very special Month… especially for my mama, with having 3 children and a grandson all born in May – a son and grandson both born on the same day so it truly is a great Month

It is also the month i FINALLY kick start something I’ve dreamt of doing since i can remember – My Online clothes store –
THE KEMIST – Launching on the 15th May 2017 YaY!!!! (More Details on that coming up)

So i could not go through the month without celebrating some how.. well BIG! by throwing a mother of a competition!
5 consecutive days of winning something pretty fabulous.

Sade doesn’t usually do competitions but when she does…..

I’m extra like that!

So that’s 5 days!, and not just 5, but tons of fabulous things to win – meaning lots of chances of winning.

Starting from Thursday 11th May (YES TOMORROW) till Monday 15th May (when The Kemist Launches) you will have the chance to win my look/wardrobe/style items. Presumably you follow me for my style so it only makes sense that you win my style items – not the entire lot at once but

Prizes will include:
Brand new shoes – and not just one!
One of my designer bags (YESS!!!)
New Clothes – sponsored by The Kemist
A New custom made wig – sponsored by khairmax
A choice (that’s your choice) of some of my favourite pieces
Jewellery, Hat, sunglasses and much more all cramped into the space of 5 days

Each day at random times of the day I will post up a question, all relating to me, my likes, style, and especially music (that’s old school music just in case you are wondering)
following the instruction, go right ahead and try your luck with the correct answer!

Firstly, Follow me on Instagram.. duh
Turn on your Instagram notification – highly recommended as this will put you in with the best chance of winning
Follow the sponsored page – this is a must to win sponsored items – The Kemist & Khairmax
GET ACTIVE – Make yourselves known
Have fun

Competition is open to all – Internationally as well – and you are free to enter as many times you like throughout the 5 days!
Winner(s) will be announced the next day – she OR he might be the first to answer, picked from random or maybe one of a few winners selected… all depends on my mood :-p

*Follow my insta stories as items coming up the next day MAY be revealed on there

Thats it! Good Luck

Have your eye on something? comment below and tell me what you fancy winning from my wardrobe – you might just get lucky 😉

May 18, 2017


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    Gucci E

    May 10, 2017

    A big Congratulations to you on your online store Debut. I would take everything of yours, but… Those WIgs! I want those wigs! And of course, Yes to clothes! 🙂 I love this look!

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    May 10, 2017

    First of all congratulations on your online store it doesn’t get better than that! Well done. Whose don’t admire your wardrobe? No one I guess. I love everything from your wardrobe buh I got my eyes on your blush pink tiler tutu skirt. I have that picture in my album *smiles* can’t wait to win that plus hair from khairmax and beautiful fringe belt *covers face* good luck to me.

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    May 10, 2017

    Congratulations on your online store opening. Just know it’s going to be awesome!! Love your style but your wigs!? Have got my eyes locked on them. Wouldn’t mind winning one.

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    May 10, 2017

    Congratulations on your newest adventure the kemist..God bless the works of your hands..I started following u from way back and am inspired. ..I got my eyes on wigs from khairmax (dream come true),and one stunning layered gold jewellery I saw on u,black midi pleated skirt u wore as well,tailored flare pants,it could go on and on *winks*am super excited about this giveaway, good luck to myself and other contestants. Love u sade❤keep being stylish as always…

  5. Reply


    May 10, 2017

    Wowwww, lovely. Thank God ur dreams are coming to reality. Congrats dear. I love love ur hair it’s an inspiration

  6. Reply


    May 11, 2017

    I’ll love to win the shoe as well as the bag and of cus the wig

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    May 11, 2017

    Congratulations on debuting the Kemist. Everything you showcase is awesome personified and I would be glad to win any piece of yours. Hope I get lucky ?

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    May 11, 2017

    Congrats to one of my favourite Slayonce This is soooo cool
    Don’t know why really , but I’m glad your dreams are coming true. Greater Heights Ma???..
    Love u loads.. I mean it
    May is really ur a Great Month to you…
    Let’s see..It doesn’t hurt to try …
    My wish….
    I wish I can own one of ur lovely curly khairmax Weaves. Haven’t used it before but the quality I see is Real. I will be sooooo glad … May my wish come true..
    Cheers to everyone !!! May the Best Man Win!!!!