Hey guys Happy Thursday, Sorry for the delay in putting this look up.. But here you have it.

It was the dress i choose to lunch in, in Florence, Italy and i tell ya, it got a hell of a lot of attention, and i do say IT, because trust me it was all about “the dress…” as i made out and translated again and again.. “it” made me feel pretty good so granted i looked great in it too.

And what a gorgeous dress it is from Saint Ola, With its royal blue and mustard colour contrast and intricate cut outs in all the right (flattering) places it really is and was a head turner.. and so are many of their pieces.

So who are Saint Ola? Well they are a Brand to look out for, its creative directer / Designer, Jummy Thomas of Nigerian Decent based in the US promotes cultural diversity with its choice of fabrics, colours patterns and mixes, all to create unique contemporary beautifully crafted pieces that are classsy with a hint of sexy. She believes in interpreting real life experiences to tell a story through premium designs, impressionable quality prints and patterns, whilst providing the most chic and inspiring wardrobe for the new breed of men and women.

It is rare and therefore an absolute pleasure to be dressed in an independent designer brand that pretty much embodies the spirit of my style and believes to be authentic, inspiring, confident, bold, un apologetically unique whilst leaving a positive and lasting impression along the way. This is a brand that is unique with well thought out crafted clothes. Not your average mass market designer label.

This dress was a great introduction for me to Saint Ola, classy with a subtle sexy undertone that fitted great. Though i have to mention and recommend that with this particular dress you go down a size, I’m a solid Uk Size 8 (on a bad day after lots of cakes) but 6/8 regularly so i went for a XS which still had a little room for manoeuvring on the bottom half that enabled me to comfortably strut the life out of it.

Im excited to see the future of this brand, their current Boarder Lines look book is to lust for, in particular the Xetsah Geometric Print suit omg the print and then the cut of the blazer (i am very particular about blazer cuts hence my love for Alexander Mcqueen blazers) is just superb and beautifully crafted, and will certainly be making its way to my wardrobe very soon so look out for that look soon 😉

If you hadn’t already heard about Saint Ola, well now you have and you soon will, from many other sources too! mark my word!! But why wait, make your mark in their pieces now before everyone else soon does;)

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    June 29, 2017

    I absolutely love this dress but I practise knowing my limits in the sense that I won’t know where to put by boobs ??. They’re not as glorious as they used to be so I try to respect myself. Tried that duct taping them thing once, talk about itchy.

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      June 30, 2017

      Haha thats funny, i don’t have much to put anywhere i guess dresses like these are my consolation for having small boobs haha.. Thanks for stopping by love XX