Just before i sat to write this blog article and talk purely about summer whites, i did something i do not usually do and so that is the topic for my blog today.. Talk about spontaneity..

OK, So Today, I (in my own way) said goodbye to an old friend. Shamefully I’m known as someone that when I’m not feeling someone anymore, and in my heart know that i no longer want them to be part of my life, i would just ignore or avoid them until they get the message…(its so so bad of me.. yes i know and so i permit you to judge me on this occasion) and I’ve done this time and time again, this usually works very well, especially with women, with men it generally takes a little more time for them to get the message but eventually they do get the message and the friendship is thus terminated as i hoped without needing to face them and honestly tell them how i feel!

But today, i did the ‘white thing’ (as the title suggests) i said goodbye, and although it was a little sad as this person has been in my life for several years and contributed to many good things. it was no longer a heathly friendship and so it was time to say goodbye in the healthy “un coupling” way.. and so i did and i am glad as i know it was indeed the right thing to do for myself and definitely the right way to go about things.. A massive leap forward in maturity for me..

Sometimes in order to move forward we need to let go of certain baggages that no longer serve us, not because anyone is bad people but because the part you served in each other’s story is now done and it’s therefore time to say goodbye and move on!

Ok so on to this look, now I’ve got that off my chest.. having fun in All White as summer strikes, and strike it has in London as temperatures sore up to 32 degrees Celsius in the last couple of days.

The All White admittedly is a vast contrast to my usual all black looks.. but it is summer and all white not only works for this season it also looks amazing especially on dark / tanned skin. And with my dark + recently tanned skin i am lapping it all up, looking good and feeling great in white and sure to be clothing myself in a lot more white looks this summer.

I am kicking my summer whites with this Lengthening and very flattering long flares from zara and this amazing asymmetric structured one shoulder top from The Kemist a pair of your highest heels to stop you from tripping over the flares as they are extremely long and viola! so simple but so Wow at the same time.

Ive done this exact look in Black, but i think the white version takes the look up a notch. I have to say that perhaps i could have gone with shorter hair as i did with the black version, still, for me the all white wins hands down! do you agree? which do you prefer? Comment Below..

Ok thats it for me, stay tuned for more summer whites, Till next time my lovelies, Thank you for stopping by

Sade X









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    June 29, 2017

    I like both looks. If I were faced with picking one, I’d buy both which is usually what I do when I like more than one color of an outfit.

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      June 30, 2017

      …and thats exactly what i would do too 😉 x