I actually cannot believe how fast this month has flown by… Gone too soon…

So Todays Post is all about Ending February as i started it.. in Red! High on Red.. in honour or valentines of course and well, yes, Red IS my favourite colour… NOT the #AllBlackEverything look that is very much associated with me!

But Why Red? Its vibrant, alarming, dangerous, sexy, alluring like me lol – im instantly drawn to red, aren’t most of us – its just beautiful and Red Makes me very Happy..

Ok moving on before i continue to justify my Love for the colour

As its the end of the month and all, i thought to bring together some of me recent red look that i enjoyed wearing.

But first lets start with Todays Red Look.
Oh my, was i or was i elated to receive this Fab Ankara (African Print) wrap around top from SGTCclothing ?! oh Yes i was!! Ankara i love in general but the print on this top is just so gorgeous and vibrant (NOT only because its red – I promise) and the fit is just perfect for me. Yes! So perfect that i decided to wear it back to front for this look hehehe.

Im a huge fan of boat neck tops generally as it flatters my extra long (giraffe) neck so of course switching the top around worked very well for me, making me love the top that much more. With a million and one ways to style it, the array of prints to choose from and its versatility, it is a wardrobe must have.

On this occasion i had to style it with my new (in my wardrobe) asymetric flare trousers from zara.. I so wanted the black ones (well of course i did) but was sold out before i could get my hands on it. So when i discovered they had a red version, i pounced immediately and if i were you, i would too. They are so fun and very flattering, though i think it does run small (either that or the cocktails, starters, mains and deserts over the weekend are showing themselves on my thighs today) as all my other zara trousers and jeans are a XS but this XS was somewhat of a struggle to get on. Perhaps if i hadn’t planned on shooting this look i would have returned them for the S instead – so do bare that in mind.
As for shoes, I opted for yellow sling backs for two reasons, one because i love the clash of bold red and bright yellow and 2) to bring the look together with the subtle elements of dark yellow on the top. Red hat (of course) to finish and viola!

I do Love this look and very much look forward to styling this Ankara top again – perhaps the right way around next time – so stay tuned.

Photo 28-02-2017-11

Photo 28-02-2017-13

Photo 28-02-2017-12



Photo 28-02-2017-14

Onto the Bold and Striking look from the start of the month and rather then tone it down i chose to pump up the volume and go all out drama! floral black and red skirt, lace tights and the Big fedora wide brim hat,. it was fun being in central London dressed like this. 🙂
I didn’t realise how uncommon Black and red Striped blazers were until i tried looking for alternatives for you guys. Mine is very old (perhaps thats why it was hard to find haha) I did however manage to link some nice alternatives for this look below 🙂

Photo 28-02-2017

Photo 28-02-2017-3

Photo 28-02-2017-16

Photo 28-02-2017-4

Photo 28-02-2017-6

Photo 28-02-2017-17

Photo 28-02-2017-15

Photo 28-02-2017-5

For a more wearable and easy look, the third and final red recap is the Alexander Mqueen deep pocketed skirt and a h&m lace worn with over the knee boots. Easy, sexy and chic. I thoroughly enjoyed filming this look. I felt very sexy, must be that sassy lace top 🙂

Links for this look are below with 2 suggested skirts (Sorry, mine is two seasons old) that can easily recreate this look.

Photo 28-02-2017-7

Photo 28-02-2017-8

Photo 28-02-2017-9

Hope you Liked the looks and the video..

Till next time X Happy New Month in Advance X

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February 20, 2017


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    February 28, 2017

    This is absolutely dangerous #inyourwords lool
    I love ❤️

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      March 1, 2017

      Thank you Hun ?

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    lanatria ellis

    February 28, 2017

    Those red Zara pants did the same thing to me! Lol They only stayed around because I was so ready to shoot in them.I also missed out on the black ones.Red is definitely your color,so fiery and passionate! I like red too especially when I see the red reduced price on sale items! Stay fab as always Sade!
    -Caribbean cowgirl

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      March 1, 2017

      Haha that’s so funny.. you and I both Hun. Thank you ? Xx

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    March 1, 2017

    The striped blazer took my breath away @ the first glanced! I was drooling So editorial. I love it❤️ Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us. You inspire us in beautiful way. Keep bringing us good vibes darling. XoXo

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      March 1, 2017

      Thank you so much Hun, for stopping by and for your kind words.. it’s so very encouraging❤❤? Keep being awesome

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    March 1, 2017

    The red striped blazer took my breath away at the first glance! I was drooling ? I love love the shot a lot so editorial ❤️ Thank you for sharing your beautiful fashion world with us and you inspire us always in a great way! XoXo