Im coming to you today with this look i designed and (got) made – Its a weird blog post this one, because aside from the straw bag (which is actually a storage basket) that i got from Ikea for just £9 i cannot actually give you shopping links for this look. The Wedge are old rupert sanderson but if you read on, you will understand the reason for this post.



A friend of mine would always tease and call me ‘Sade Designs’ as I would often go into design mode randomly out of nowhere, always asking for paper to scribble something when I didn’t have my organiser or note book.

It’s what I’ve been doing on and off since the age age of 13 where I’d spend lunch times alone in my textiles class putting my designs into fruition (I didn’t have a sewing machine of my own).



“You need to stop pissing around.. and just get your designs out there” is what I’m constantly being told by family. They are very tired of me!
Fashion Design / Style is not just my thing, it’s who I am. I cannot help myself.. it’s what annoyingly wakes me up often in my sleep but it’s also what I get off on..

I am forever tweeking, adding or removing things from clothes I buy. Honestly it’s a nightmare sometimes and I truly get on my own nerves.. ‘why can’t I just wear this how it’s supposed to be worn’ is what I’m always asking myself.. but the overwhelming urge to be a little different drives me.. and often drives me crazy!!



I am all my tailors nightmare with some of my elaborate designs.. (laziness gets the better of me so I choose to use tailors most of the time as opposed to making things myself) but thankfully they always come Through for me. I’ve somewhat chilled out a little and is much more classic driven with designs and things i get made. Some of my most loved looks are ones I created.



Though I’m not really one to make announcements as I kind of like working in silence, I’m deliberately putting this look out there with my name on it and with the intension of putting aside my BS excuses and just do this..


And this blog post to make myself accountable for my word and further push me. I got started with TheKemist which I’m so proud of.. now on to the next….

It has always been in the plans (since i was 13/14 years old) but due to (much needed) pressures I AM going to begin working on and bringing out some my own designs to TheKemist very soon x

And this look right here is a little teaser for whats to come 🙂 so look out for ‘Sade Designs’ lol (that will never be the name of my brand btw).

What have you been putting off for years that you know you need to just get started on? would so love to hear from you, to know I’m not the only one.

Till next time my lovelies, thank you for stopping by,







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    July 26, 2017

    We are definitely kid red spirits in this regard. I’ve been doing this myself since my teenage years and like you I’m working towards my own in the coming future. You look amazing and your designs speak volumes. ????

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      August 7, 2017

      Thank you so much.. and thats great to hear… all the best with that Juliett i hope you kick start it soon :)XX

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    July 28, 2017

    You are really a style innovator et fashionista. I’m a huge fan. Xoxo.

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      August 7, 2017

      Thank you Shima, really appreciate to stopping by :)X

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    Temitope Babatunde

    September 29, 2017

    Hi Sade! we are almost alike except that i put off the sewing thing! I do not have the patience to cut and sew stuffs but i do have the time to deconstruct fabrics to depict my style! Many hours invested in handing beading gosh! My eyes literally pop when my friends and family tell me to style them for an event + for no just cause my phone is full of fashion and interior pictures, i am so in love with pretty lil things as mugs (i should own like 10 white mugs alone which just a fraction of my collection), i heart frames, stationery are my mood detectors… but why have i not started a lifestyle blog??? i dunno too..perfectionist syndrome i guess lol thanks for sharing, i also like your IG as i get to comment on almost every picture. i am @hermazingdainty

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      October 3, 2017

      Thanks for sharing your story too, its comforting knowing I’m not the only one, though we should not get comfortable!!
      You were born to be real not perfect, perfectionism is such a hindrance!!! Ive learned to let go a lot more and simply laugh at my mistakes (and you’d be surprised that only YOU would ever notice them)

      The world needs more creativity.. so just do it and as you stumble (God forbid you ever do) you’ll learn what to do or what not to do next time! XX