Ending My Month of May in style, NO, with a Big Bad Bang and oh, in Black too.

But What can i say… this dress… a moment please…. is G O R G E O U S!!!
I mean I’m not usually this excited or outlandishly verbal about clothes (or am i) but damn this dress gives me what they call LIFE..!!!

When sourcing for The Kemist.. it is literally like shopping for myself and this dress stood out like it was the only thing on the whole shop floor, jumping right at me..

It is everything and more. Dramatic, flattering, easy and oh so so gorgeous… it was an instant winner for me.
and if i ever needed confirmation of that (not that i had any doubts) i got it from my photographer’s delighted face and the “ooooo” he mouthed as he saw me come towards him in this dress… trust me he is usually quite mute.

And let me tell you, it took all but 5 minutes to shoot this look, every single picture and every single movement and angle of this dress was a treat to the eyes and you can see it in the images how happy i was in this dress as i didn’t stop jumping and dancing around as he snapped away.

The ‘feel good’ factor this dress gives me is off the chain, its safe to say this is now my most loved look I’ve shot by far.. I must now carefully select the events that are worthy of this dress, ensuring all my enemies sees me there too.. hahaha.. ok I’m being over dramatic… but i aint lying [hands over face] you know the look you want every gaddamn person to see you in….and I’m not one for showing off, but gadamnit i owe it to this dress to show its ass off!

It is after all a ‘hey look at me and how fab i am’ kind of dress right.. not for ya average, and certainly not for the shy and introvert that loathe attention.

Coz people are gonna stop and very much stare as they did for the 5 mins i had it on.

Needing very little styling effort, though i have my mind on a few ideas of how I’m going to style this the next couple of times i wear this – Yes Couple! unlike many of my other looks, this is getting the rounds! haha

Oh don’t judge me!! its not my fault, its the dress haha.. Im truly loving it.

and on that note, this is it from me and My Birth Month May, wrapping it up in fabulous fashions, raising my own bar and very much looking forward to what June has in store.

Im leaving you with more then usual images of a look.. So Feast your eyes and i hope you love it as much as i do!

Till next time my Darlings,

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May 25, 2017

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    Bubu Blaq

    June 2, 2017

    Tell me about drama and I’ll show you this piece on Sàdé…… Too beautiful.