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When it comes to great style, the formula is simple. A wardrobe staple combined with a trendy piece makes up for an infallible outfit.

Finding the core ingredient of that mix – the staple – is not such a simple feat.


The perfect staple should represent a classic, timeless aesthetic but still be apt for matching with the pieces from the latest collections. Whilst looking for a staple, it is also of utmost importance to pay attention to quality, as it is likely it will be worn on many occasions.

Taking into consideration three main characteristics of a staple – quality, style and design – on the behalf of The Kemist I present you with Level Up Pants as its true embodiment.

To put this claim to the test and show you can rock them in just about any setting, I have styled our Level Up Pants in no less than 5 ways!


Brunch Babe

Plans made. Girls called. Table booked. Mimosas waiting. What to wear!?

Sunday mornings reserved for a bit more than lounging around the house are notoriously hard for deciding on that perfect outfit. If only you had a go-to option that will make you look cute in two seconds…



I answered that oh-so-common dilemma with a foolproof outfit in the form of Level Up Pants combined with our No Going Back Crop Top in hot pink. Matching the evergreen style of white wide leg trousers with a bright coloured top for a pop of colour is a guaranteed way to stand out as the stylish diva that you are.


Business as (Un)Usual

Dressing for work when you are faced with many regulations in terms of coverage and style can be daunting. Bare with me when I say – office dress code doesn’t have to be the enemy!

Pairing two looser fitting pieces, such as Level Up Pants and the Sheer Shirt is a perfect way to achieve that polished, yet casual look you and your office manager would love.


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If you fall among those who’s day is just getting started when they leave the office, fear not! This is one of those outfits that just keep on giving!
By unbuttoning a few from the top to show a peek-a-boo dose of lace you are able to transform the entire outfit in a matter of seconds.

Why simply dress for work when you can dress for success?


Meet The Boss

If you are looking for an outfit that demands the equal amount of attention and respect, look no further!

The Level Up Pants matched with a statement piece such as this striped shirt with an oversized collar bring just enough drama to make you stand out and be seen with a subtle yet undeniably present sense of elegance. Perfect for those out of office meetings when it’s time to put your best foot forward and show them you got this.


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Like with any outfit, the accessories can make or break this one, as well as shape the message we send the world with our style. For a fun and feminine twist, try adding a pretty hat or a bold shoe. You should also know that there is no such thing as bad time for a good watch.

Ladies, let’s show them who’s the boss!


Cocktail Chic

Wearing a cocktail dress for a cocktail party? Groundbreaking…

Time to switch things up, ladies!




The beauty of a true style staple such as Level Up Pants is that it is very easily dressed up. By combining the classic silhouette of the Level Up Pants with an abstract cut of On Stripe Asymmetric Top I got an outfit that is the definition of chic. If you are unafraid to test your style limits and turn more than a few heads at the next swanky event you attend – this look just might be the one!

It is, after all, just as chic and unapologetic as you are.


Walk The Walk

Looking to stay stylish even when you’re at your most casual self? With the right style staple it is a walk in the park – especially if you are heading out to enjoy a bit of fresh air and some sun.


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As autumn approaches, the focus of our style generally shifts towards layering. Style staples are an absolute must for a layered look as they provide the perfect foundation for that cozy chic fall fashions. For this occasion, I found that the match of Level Up Pants and the new Leicester Sleeveless Tunic Sweater is the one truly made in fashion heaven. It has the power to give the girl comfort and confidence during those relaxing strolls – which is just about everything we need to enjoy ourselves as much as our surroundings.


There you have it, ladies – Five outfits with a single item!

Let me know which one you like the most!