There no denying hair is a thing for me, it is! It really really is! and has been since I was 13 years old, experimenting and trying different styles with my already thin and relaxed hair.

At 16 I was doing a different weave every week, this is no exagrattion it’s the truth. I was bonding in weave for the week ahead every single weekend or dying it a different colour. I was obseesed with having a new look weekly – until my hair and scalp said enough is enough. It is therefore no surprise that I got into the business of hair Extensions.

What one can do with hair, and in particular hair extensions, is just so exilarting for me. I get bored very easily with seeing myself with the same look so with wearing wigs – yes! Like you didn’t know *eyes roll kmt, makes this process just so easy with endless possibilities a without any pressure or strain on my own hair, instead aiding a healthy growth of my now au natural Afro hair (after taking clippers to it two years ago 🙂

In a bid to start again and grow healthy hair free from relaxers yes i shaved my hair off.. one of the best spontaneous decisions i ever made… and so tempted to do it again being as my hair is now in that mid length stage were there are very few styling options… but instead i just look to my extensive Khairmax wig collection and continue to grow my hair underneath… to what end? I don’t know! haha

Having my hair braided down (as seen in the video) by my hairdresser, my baby girl, happens once every month or so to help keep my wigs as flat as possible and grow my hair too. Aside from that, it is a quick and easy transition from one look to another.

So there you have it, the process of changing my look from time to time is for me at a click of a finger.


With the exception of the last few weeks and the long jet black wavy look that i seem to have been wearing for what seems like a decade, I tend to change my look a couple of times a week, and on occasions 2-3 times a day, depending on my mood and what i might have planned… and you better believe there are dozens of khairmax wigs at a ready for when i need… what can i say, its the perk of the job!

and now with the more consistent warmer weather, It is definitely time for a change and I’m happy to be going shorter and lighter. I do love this short look, its so fun and playful yet quite sassy too.. just like me. I think short hair suits me best.. and if I’m perfectly honest, i think its a lot more stylish looking then long hair..

But How long i will keep this look? i can’t tell you that seeing as i have my eye, mind and head set on something else already.. which is loading as you read.. oh don’t judge me! why not join me? 😉

For some inspo for changing your look or just a quick recap on my changing looks brought about by the change of a Khairmax wig, check out my hair dairies here and tell me which look you most prefer on me..

Till next Time my lovelies
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    April 18, 2017

    You’re absolutely, astonishingly gorgeous and that’s the least interesting thing about you. Your hair Juss add to your gorgeousness

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    April 26, 2017

    I also switched to wigs for same reason. I get bored with hair easily. I took my natural hair on a color ride last year that I’m not sure I want to do again because it took a toll on my hair changing color weekly. It was fun though. Like you I’m also growing my hair out but to what end? I’m not planning to use it for anything. I’m currently growing it out for curiosity sake, no aim.